CVD and General Arguments in India

CVD and General Arguments in India

CVD and General Arguments in India

Correlation does not mean causation, but corelation and anectodes are base for any science especially in healthcare and medicine domain. I'm assuming the below info should be enough to ask yourself some questions.

Myth 1: There's no excess deaths in India

Fact: Excess deaths have risen since Q2 of 2021, the peak of delta wave and have continued to rise even after covid deaths have considerably fallen. Lifestyle or long covid factors don't account for the rise in just 1 quarter.


It was also at this period the vaccines were mass administered left right and center. If you think this is due to Covid, delta, or long covid just compare it to 2020. It's not and I'll explain below with science and data.

Myth 2: Covid vaccines are safe and effective in India

Fact: This deserves mega threads on it own but I'll keep it short and simple. Vaccines are not safe nor effective from published results and from data we have. Rise in deaths follow rise in vaccination.


For those who wonder, it's because of delta variant, remember the CFR of delta variant was 1.3, similar to alpha, delta was more transmissible. The rise in deaths after vaccinations is seen not just in India but around the world, irrespective of mRNA or viral vector.


What we are seeing here could be Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED). This was well acknowledge for SARS vaccines before covid vaccinations began and has been observed for RSV and MERS vaccines too. Here's Corbevax contributor Peter Hotez on VAED.

Dr. Peter Hotez: "We tried to create coronavirus vaccine ten years ago"

This was acknowledged as a potential risk during covid vaccine trials. Here's one such paper cautioning risks of VAED for Inactivated Virus Vaccine BBV152 Covaxin. VAED could explain part of the story but there's another culprit called Remdisivir.

Optimism and caution for an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine

Most of India is still unaware of a recent report from researchers in Germany. Astrazeneca/Covishield used on majority of Indian populace was found to have been contaminated with huge amounts HCP (Human Cell Proteins).

Article in eLife reporting contamination of batches of AZ ChAdOx1 vaccines


Quality not only affects the efficacy but poses serious adverse health risks in addition to potential toxicity problems of the gene therapy technology. CVT risks of AZ/Covishield are well known, though under reported and undermined, what's brazenly suppressed are the CVD issues.

Here is Mumbai's data Jan-June 2021 obtained through RTI. Look at the 6 fold increase in CVD deaths. If you think this is due to long covid, look closer, there are more CVD deaths than covid deaths.


Here's another such study showing increased endothelial activation from ChAdOx1 and increased risks of other arterial thrombotic episodes.

Population-wide persistent hemostatic changes after vaccination with ChAdOx1-S

CVD issues rarely occur after infection since the virus affects the respiratory tract unlike vaccination where spike protein can persist up to 3 months and even longer in the organs and body.

Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave

Add to this, rise in arrhythmia related diseases like long QT. Anyone dancing, exercising, exerting physically can faint and die suddenly due to changes in electrical signal of the heart due to damage from spike protein.

Long QT interval and syncope after a single dose of COVID-19 vaccination: a case report

More on long term neurotoxic/neurodegenerative effects of the Spike protein

The long term neurotoxic/neurodegenerative effects of the Spike protein

And moreover its the same AZ which is administrated in India was widely given in the UK. Since UK data publish on deaths is regular, there is a clear pattern pre and post COVID in terms of deaths.

1. More UK COVID deaths AFTER the vaccine roll out than BEFORE the vaccine

2. All-cause UK deaths continue in EXCESS since the vaccine roll out

3. +90% of UK COVID deaths in 2022 were vaccinated

Below is an excerpt of UK ONS Data from May 2022. India do not have any data collection to this extent and even if its there, it is not published in public domain. 


Will continue this series as we go ...

Excess deaths are being attributed to long covid with absolutely no science to explain the mechanism. What's clear is excess deaths are higher around the world after vaccinations began.

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